What You Should Know About Cox Communications

Cox Communications

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With a customer base of around 6 million, Cox Communications has emerged as the third largest provider of cable and broadband services in the US. In fact, the company also ranks third in the list of cable television providers in the US. The company, which is located in Atlanta, is a child of Cox Enterprises. Some of the services that the company provides include the following:

  1. advanced digital video
  2. high-speed Internet
  3. telephone services

Cox Communications’ ability to offer excellent services has been because of the membership that it enjoys in:

  • CableLabs
  • Association of Cable Communicators
  • National Cable and Telecommunications Association

These are just but a few of the memberships to which Cox Communications belongs. More importantly, the memberships have ensured that the company’s ability to offer its customers live TV services remains one of the best in the entire country. In addition to this, Cox has also been able to allow its customers to watch TV online with little difficulty. Through its remarkable services, customers are able to:

  1. find the movies they desire to watch
  2. identify and watch the featured shows
  3. enjoy access to pay-per-view events
  4. access TV listings
  5. set DVR to record favorite shows

Cox Communications offers customers several ways through which to watch television. First, it is possible for customers to watch their favorite channels and TV shows online. A customer who desires to watch his preferred shows via an Android device is also free to do so. Moreover, watching television is now possible through an iPhone or iPad by downloading the appropriate app and installing it on the device.

Cox Communications enables customers to set up a new service of choice if they want to. In addition to this, customers are also free to not only view, but also upgrade their current service. The company also allows customers to transfer their service if they desire. Some of the services that customers can set up, view and upgrade or transfer include contour and Cox TV, high speed Internet, digital telephone, homelife, bundles and tech solutions.

Cox …

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How Is Comcast Repairing Relationships With Its Customers?


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It is not impossible to find customers who view Comcast in negative light. This problem is not limited to Comcast, but relates with almost all pay TV providers. The need for Comcast to repair its relationships with customers stems from the bad press it received in 2014 when news regarding its likely merger with Time Warner Cable emerged. The commitment to repair bad customer relations is good for a company that is often ranked one of the least liked in the US.

In fact, the latest figures indicate that Comcast business ranks as the third from bottom pay TV provider. Not only that, but the figures indicate that Comcast ranks lowest among the Internet Service providers in the US. However, the fact that Comcast now intends to do something about its bad relations with customers indicates that it has recognized the problem and seeks to identify the best way of dealing with it.

What did Comcast do? First, the company appointed a respected insider to deal with the problem. The insider, Charlie Herrin, was appointed Senior Vice President (Customer Experience). Initially, Charlie Herrin was in charge of product design. Under the terms of his new appointment, Charlie Herrin is now responsible for ensuring a turnaround of the bad relations that Comcast has suffered with its customers in the recent past.

Although the merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast was eventually called off, the damage to the relationship between Comcast and its customers had already been done. For that reason, Comcast saw it fitting to hire new individuals to repair the damage. The new professionals that the company hired were meant to help create new attitudes between Comcast and its existing as well as future customers.

Comcast desires to see the change in relationship with its customers improve and become a permanent feature based on the more than 5,500 new jobs it intends to create in this department. The company promises not to hold anything back but furnish its customer relation workers with the technology and training …

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What Does DIRECTV Acquisition By AT&T Mean For The Future Of Television?


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It is less than a week since AT&T’s acquisition of DIRECTV became official. The process has taken close to two years to complete. The DIRECTV Acquisition is worth a staggering $49 billion. The wireless and content distribution market is one of the most competitive in the world. With the deal between DirecTV and AT&T, the new baby is expected to play a major role in terms of initiating changes within this landscape.

Under the new deal, AT&T is now the biggest pay TV provider in the US. This is because of the 26 million subscribers that AT&T will now have. Out of the 26 million subscribers, AT&T will obtain 20 million from DirecTV. The balance of 6 million subscribers will be from AT&T’s own U-Verse Service. Under the new deal, AT&T is now in complete control over any show or content that viewers watch on their television sets.

All the content that initially featured on DirecTV will now be possible to watch through AT&T. On the other hand, it seems that the biggest concern of many subscribers is in relation to the amount of content they will be able to stream through their phones. For example, subscribers are rightly concerned about the ability to watch NFL games. At one time, AT&T threatened to walk away from the negotiations if DirecTV lost its right to show the NFL games.

On the other hand, what is likely to happen is that the rights to air NFL games and relay these through phones still belong to Verizon. For that reason, the deal between AT&T and DirecTV will not bring much of a difference in this regard. On the other hand, what subscribers hope to enjoy with this new deal include bundled deals that AT&T will bring their way. Quad-play bundles are among the deals that subscribers can now look forward to from the new acquisition.

Under the quad-play bundles deal, subscribers are able to enjoy the following:

  1. signing up for wireless services
  2. signing up for cable
  3. signing up for landline telephone

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Gift To Live Streaming Audience With Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable’s

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It is now about 3 years since Time Warner Cable offered an excellent gift to subscribers and everybody else who had always wanted to stream some of its programs live but could not do so for a variety of reasons. First, the company launched a streaming video service. Later, Time Warner Cable, or TWC, went a step further by launching a beta version of this service.

The main highlights of the video streaming service were as follows:

  1. watching live TV
  2. managing the DVR
  3. tuning the set-top box

Initially upon its launch, the TWC TV or live streaming capability was open to any of Time Warner Cable’s customers. However, to access the service and enjoy all that it has to offer, what customers needed to do was to have an online account through the official www.twctv.com website.

However, the Time Warner Cable live streaming service had a few problems. One, not all channels were available to stream live. Two, the live streaming service was only available or accessible depending on the range that the cable box covered. Therefore, what this means is that you could not sneak from the office to go watch live television from the comfort of your car or the toilet.

One of the biggest attractions of the live streaming service that TWC introduced is the power it offered customers to record to DVR – from their computers or laptops. If for any reason you forgot to set your DVR to record a favorite program or TV show, you could access the website, find the preferred show and begin recording by clicking the “record to DVR” link.

If for some reason you are unable to locate the remote at home, you do not need to fret about it. All that you have to do is to utilize the online guide to identify your favorite or preferred show. Next, you only need to click “watch on TV” and the channel on the actual television would change. You could also decide to annoy others by changing the channel …

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