Gift To Live Streaming Audience With Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable’s


It is now about 3 years since Time Warner Cable offered an excellent gift to subscribers and everybody else who had always wanted to stream some of its programs live but could not do so for a variety of reasons. First, the company launched a streaming video service. Later, Time Warner Cable, or TWC, went a step further by launching a beta version of this service.

The main highlights of the video streaming service were as follows:

  1. watching live TV
  2. managing the DVR
  3. tuning the set-top box

Initially upon its launch, the TWC TV or live streaming capability was open to any of Time Warner Cable’s customers. However, to access the service and enjoy all that it has to offer, what customers needed to do was to have an online account through the official website.

However, the Time Warner Cable live streaming service had a few problems. One, not all channels were available to stream live. Two, the live streaming service was only available or accessible depending on the range that the cable box covered. Therefore, what this means is that you could not sneak from the office to go watch live television from the comfort of your car or the toilet.

One of the biggest attractions of the live streaming service that TWC introduced is the power it offered customers to record to DVR – from their computers or laptops. If for any reason you forgot to set your DVR to record a favorite program or TV show, you could access the website, find the preferred show and begin recording by clicking the “record to DVR” link.

If for some reason you are unable to locate the remote at home, you do not need to fret about it. All that you have to do is to utilize the online guide to identify your favorite or preferred show. Next, you only need to click “watch on TV” and the channel on the actual television would change. You could also decide to annoy others by changing the channel frequently to your liking.

However, it is also worth noting that the live streaming service is not limited to people who own a laptop or desktop alone. It is also available as an iPhone app. The launch of the iPhone app was met with vociferous noise from content holders. An iPad app is also available from TWC for any person who desires to stream some of the favorite TV shows live.

TWC went further to release an app meant for Android phone users. People who desire to watch programs via their tablets are now also able to do just that. It is noteworthy that the move by TWC to launch its live streaming service has shaken up the market. Some of TWC’s erstwhile competitors, such as Comcast and Verizon FiOS, have opted to follow suit.

Therefore, there is no denying the fact that TWC has changed the manner in which people are able to watch television. It is now much easier for customers to watch or stream some of their favorite TV shows live using their computers or laptops.

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